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Those little notes in that last panel. I want to say one of them says “Don’t Give Us A Reason To Deny You Service” and that other one says something like, “Did You Know Our Reps Paid Your Congressman $600,00 Not To Simplify This Process.”

If I’m wrong, then I imagine I’m close.

Also I love this desk person with the monstrous head. This page is really great in general. Very good job!
You're spot on with the notes. The desk person was a fun design but I won't be drawing anything like that again for a while!
I imagine the receptionist speaks in a very slow and distorted voice. I really like the scratchy overlay you've been using!
Thanks! It's my favorite effect to use
I'm not gonna assume that Darby is sitting in a mental health center; he could be at a College of Dentistry's out-patient clinic for all I know.

But this got me thinking of a peeve I have which I'd rather share here than on the Forum.

The peeve is about so-called Employee Assistance Programs.

These are pitched to employees as a free or inexpensive means of getting help for legal, financial, and mental health concerns. The web portal for these EAP's give you links to self-help documents, podcasts, and professionals contracted to EAP's of a network of employers.

If you go the live-professional route for your problem, you are limited to like 3 sessions. Then you have to pay out of pocket, unlike well-paid people who have full benefit plans.

I see the EAP as an excuse for an exploitative employer to pat themselves on the back and say, "Look! I'm helping!"

nyaaahhh :-p
If only mental health centers were accessible to people. I picture this to be an accounting firm or insurance offices [if those even have receptionists]. A well-maintained, clean, quiet place...

EAPs are bullshit. Any healthcare system that comes out of your employer will be. And fuck those web portals too, as if it's any help with a health struggle to be thrown a shitstream of jargon-filled pamphlets and forms

A lot of people underestimate how much dealing with this stress fucks with you and how little time people have to negotiate with phone reps and fill out more forms
I love your attention to detail, Spike. I love how the worn away effect fades in the last two panels. You can totally feel Darby taking that breath that lets the anxiety finally simmer down.
thank you :)