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sketches 3
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I’d probably be Speedy, if I ever decide to play the Switch.
Hey. I started reading your stuff quite a few months ago and I really liked your art style and especially liked the existential conversations between Speedy and Darby. As much as I liked it, for some reason it didn’t click with me then. Then I went through a lot of mental stuff and I’ve just started getting back to myself now. I did see your comic here and there but didn’t read it. And then you commented on my comic. I really appreciate what you said. It made me feel very good about my work.

But you also reminded me of this comic again, so I decided I’d try reading it again. And this time, it did click for me. I think the thing I enjoy most about your comic is despite all the bad shit Speedy and Darby go through, they always have each other to bring each other up. There’s this ever-present warm-heartedness in both your characters that I can’t get enough of. It also reminds me of some types of stories that I’ve wanted to write about before.

Your comic is really good. I hope you keep up the good work.
hey I'm assuming you're the artist of Minimal&your comic slaps! been lurking it for a while and I got lots'a good stuff to say about it. showed it to my one friend and it caught their eye but they don't have an account here so they're lurking too.

sorry you went through a bunch of shit. glad you're feeling better. I guess this comic is written from the perspective of going through shit and coming out the other side. 'cause a lot of people think that art comes from pain but I think it comes from recovery a little more.
Yep, that’s me. I swear it said I was logged in when I typed that. But yeah, you keep up the good work and so will I.
I just stumbled across r/punkmemes which lead me to this comic. I finished every page in one night. Absolutely loved both characters and the scenarios. I initially gave this a shot because I loved the aesthetics—it reminded me of JTHM and I feel sick, comics I grew up reading—though you definitely have your own unique style. I felt vindicated when I saw that one ama comic that had a shout out to JTHM hahah.
I love this comic you made.
Also, all the references to punk bands on their clothing provokes the biggest grin from me. Especially love seeing siege, career suicide, and ceremony. Though it should be a ruined backpatch instead of ronhert park ;)
a fan of siege, career suicide, -and- ceremony!! fuck yeah! listen I love ruined and violence violence (and still nothing moves you) but rohnert park has got a special place in my heart 'cause of the into the wayside tracks and the time I got kneed in the face when they played open head.

glad you're liking it so far! there's a whole lot more coming and I won't take a break till my brain melts
"the harder I press the stronger the attack is" pretty much sums up my video gaming strategy