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edit: see below for a whole fucking essay on attraction 101 from the point of view of an ace person


Thank you so much for sharing your comic with us. This is by far my favorite webcomic- your story, the ace representation, the metaphors, your raw portrayal of emotions... It's so beautiful and refreshing and surreal. Thank you <3
whoa it's crazy to be someone's favorite...
Just make me cry why don't you.

I'm so happy you have been able to gain the courage to finally share your hard work. You deserve it so much.
Questions 2 and 3.

"Bromance, maybe?"

The nuances of the many gender expression catagories are new to me. "Non-binary" & " [blank]-romantic,[blank]-erotic" are about as deep as I can understand.
hey, this gives me the chance to elaborate more on this stuff! as you can see, I was stretched for space on the page and I didn't want to put down a whole essay in 9-pt font. sorry if you weren't looking for an essay but I'm here to write one

when it comes to ace people (asexual, lacking sexual attraction) we like to use the split-attraction model. that means, where most allo (allosexual, meaning not ace*) people tend to group romantic and sexual attraction together, ace people regard them as separate and distinct. (personally I believe that allos can also use the split-attraction model but the jury's still out on that one)

so, instead of "ace people aren't sexually attracted to anyone, which means they don't love anyone" you've got "ace people lack sexual attraction but CAN be romantically attracted to others". then there's platonic attraction, which is the kind of love you would feel for a friend.

the English language groups all of these feelings under a single word, love, which can lead to English speakers thinking they're all the same, but historically other languages have had a whole list of words to describe different kinds of love.

of course emotions are messy and it can be difficult to separate all of these types of attraction from each other. relationships are labeled simply by how the participants wish to define them. I think Speedy and Darby would refuse to label their relationship at all, but Word of God is calling it alterous (somewhere between romantic and platonic).

I realize you mentioned gender expression in your comment and none of this has anything to do with gender. you can be any gender and be asexual, have an alterous or queerplatonic relationship, etc. think of gender as what you are, sexuality/romantic orientation as who you're attracted to. hope this made sense.

*if anyone happens to be reading this thinking, "why make a word for normal people?" I would remind this hypothetical person that there are words for everything one can possibly conceive of, and it would do the ego good to stop regarding oneself as "normal" and others as "abnormal", even in a technical sense, when the topics being covered are so deeply rooted in social constructs
Speedy and Darby, asexual icons
It’s just fantastic