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All right, now that the arc is over, here’s some behind-the-scenes shit.

L’Xed is my first real attempt at a comic so there’s plenty of stuff I fucked up at the start that I went back and changed. aka the pages were all different sizes for some ungodly reason and some of the textures were hard on the eyes. All things considered, I haven’t been doing this for very long, and it’s pretty early to be saying anything at all, but I’ll try to make it interesting.

I had a big thing written up about all my intentions and all the symbolism, shit like that, but that stuff is what ought to stand on its own so I’ll focus on other stuff instead. I write what I like, and I like surreal stuff and character-driven stories and punk rock. They all fit together pretty well so here we are. My tastes have always lined up with niche indie content ‘cause I like this loose, episodic stuff, taking a glimpse into a character’s life as they struggle to make peace with themselves.

This past arc is here ‘cause I think it’s important to have moments of reflection, and going out stargazing, that’s one of those experiences that takes you out of your own head. I thought what’s the most beautiful place I can draw and that’s what this was. I love stargazing. It’s peaceful. Drawing it sure as hell wasn’t peaceful but I had a really good time with it. It’s my first time doing a comic so I have no idea how the hell I haven’t missed an update yet. I also don’t write chronologically, in general, so we’ll see how this goes.

I wanted the claustrophobia of the first arc to contrast with this break in routine. The format of these pages is rigid so any subversions are hopefully going to stand out. Keep an eye out for that shit. A lot of the thematic content in a work comes from the ways that it breaks its own established rules.


Obvious disclaimer, this comic is not for kids. So if you’re a kid reading this, I get wanting to feel real slick and mature, but you got the option of putting this one on a shelf for a while and reading something that won’t make you sad in the meantime. That being said, I’m gonna try my goddamn best to write about all this stuff responsibly. I’m not here to be all cynical and edgy and make people feel bad. I’ll slap a big ol’ content warning at the start of the next arc and the default page is gonna be set there, so, sorry about that.

It might be too soon to ask this but I’ll give it a go anyway. Thoughts on the characters? Predictions? Drugs you would like for me to feature?


Oooh! A splash of colour for these boys, nice!

You are new to this, so I will forgive you for not reaslising how hard you have hit the comic medium right out of the ballpark.

Webcomics are more forgiving with format changes, but I do know you hope to print this someday and thus realise how important it is that you cleaned up those older pages. It's sad how many won't recognise the trouble you had to go through to do that.

I will not throw predictions as I have a cheat sheet I just want to lay back and enjoy the ride~
oh man thanks so much! soon as I have enough pages, I'm going to print this out and duct-tape it to my chest. I'm very excited
Nice page and interesting comment. Very impressive for your first comic. Always eager to see what's coming
thanks man! sometimes it's just as much a surprise to me
This is GORGEOUS work! I like these two, their drug-fueled conversations are fun to follow
drug-fueled conversations are the best kind. just make sure to write everything down for later
The thing about this comic is that I didn't even KNOW I wanted to read about struggling punks. The art caught my eye and then the story challenged me to empathize with people I don't often think about. Even though my lifestyle is very different from theirs, I have been watching these two with all the curiosity of David Attenborough narrating the nesting behavior of spotted owls. Undisturbed in their natural habitat, every day is a fight for survival.

Looking forward to seeing this story unfold further.
empathy's the name of the game, I'm really happy to hear that. there's a whole lot of stigma around drug use, mental illness, and spikey jackets, frankly, a lot of stigma around being poor. I doubt some pearl-clutching fundamentalist is gonna come here and have their whole worldview flipped but all I gotta say is, there's better things to do than toss people in jail
all the things you wrote are why i love this comic so much, thanks for making it and i will continue to read about these 2 dudes until i go blind or u stop drawing them <3
thanks so much! they've got a long way to go so consider yourself trapped here for a while