shiny rocks vii

shiny rocks vii
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This is the end of the shiny rocks side story. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I did this as an experiment for a few different purposes. Darby got to have a fun adventure. This stuff was also pretty different from the art you usually get. And it's got a different flow from the usual stuff. There wasn't much of a plot, was there?

I really like drawing places. Most of the pieces in this series were drawn kinda rough to focus on the ideas themselves and the composition. They were easier in-betweens for RETENTION which has had some tougher pages. (Though I think every chapter will have tougher pages than the last.) The idea of telling two different stories concurrently is very interesting. It didn't feel the same as having an A and B plot.

In a "completed" work it's tough to say where this would go. I call a lot of pages here "in-betweens" and "extras" but that's not the same as triviality. I think shiny rocks is one of the best pictures of who Darby is so far. I hope that comes through even though you barely see his face or hear his words. It kinda makes me want to wander around empty roads all night...

Next week is the last paneled page of RETENTION. The week after that will be the ending.


This was a really fun side adventure for darby, glad we got to see it
Thanks! glad you enjoyed it
i've loved the liminality of this side story, and it gave me vibes of wandering around my neighborhood at night, trying to find the magic in the world around me.
I'm happy that came across. These are all places that might seem creepy or lonely but they're beautiful to walk around in
Ayye new backgrounds~
I love drawing 'em
I really love this ending picture. There’s just something about gas stations at night time, first of all. Sometimes they can be scary depending on where you are, but sometimes they can be quite comforting. Especially on road trips when you end up at those gas stations off the highway (really makes me want to go on a trip). Oh, and those street lamps on the right side! I love those too. They’re subtle but very impactful.

I honestly don’t know why, but I’m getting a bit emotional from this specific page, not even joking. Also love Darby looking out at the shiny rocks in the distance. It’s almost like a distant world of some sort. I really liked this side story a lot. It was simple, but touching. I really liked all the locations Darby went and ended up at. It really feels like a quiet adventure in the middle of the night. Really great job on this and Retention.
Drawing this last one made me want to take a midnight hike. There's a certain feeling you get from being places like this. Especially alone.
I like this page and
Thank you!